SmartPro Screen-I Synthetic Colorless Diamond Screener

SmartPro Screen-I Synthetic Colorless Diamond Screener
Item# 56925

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The smartest and fastest diamond screener in the world!

Designed to discern natural earth-mined colorless diamonds from lab created or synthetic stones. Latest technology high-efficiency, mercury-free light source.

Features: Screens earth mine colorless diamond (Color D to J) Type 1a, 1b from Lab created diamond HPHT / CVD (Type 11a)

Tests from 0.01 ct. up to 12 ct

Can check mounted stones (mounted jewelry with under hole only)

Result Indicated by bright LED lights with sounds

Ready LED indicator

Smart Touch-Test Switch


Length: 125.62 mm. (4.9 inches)

Width: 76.05 mm. (2.9 inches)

Height: 65.15 mm. (2.5 inches)

Weight: 174.72 g. (Without Battery)