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9 Piece Set created especially for Locksmiths. File Sets come in a heavy duty canvas carrying case consisting of Swiss Pattern, American Pattern Files, and a pin tumbling tweezer.

Set includes:

No. 31268 6" Pippin File Cut 2

No. 31269 6" Pippin File Cut 4

No. 31290 6" Round File Cut 2

No. 31292 6" Round File Cut 4

No. 32468 4" Warding File Bastard Cut

No. 32473 4" Warding File Second Cut

No. 32469 6" Warding File Bastard Cut

No. 32474 6" Warding File Second Cut

No. 57939 Pin Tumbler Tweezer

Pippin files: Can be used to create narrow v-shaped grooves and slots. Pippin files can also be used to create the rounded notches in a key that allow it to open a lock.

Warding Files-Can be used to file the notches in a key that allow it to fit into the warding.

Pin Tumbling Tweezers: This permits the pin to butt up against the end of the plug follower when loading the upper chambers, providing added control when holding top or master pins of varying lengths.

Round files: Most locksmiths will have a set of files on the work bench and another set in each service vehicle. ... The round file is typically used to get a cut started. Once the proper depth has been determined (impression marks get very heavy) a Pippin file is the best choice to shape the cut.