Elmasteam Steam Jet Cleaner with Flexible Hand Piece, Made in Germany

Elmasteam  Steam Jet Cleaner with Flexible Hand Piece, Made in Germany
Item# 24995
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This powerful Elma steamer uses a combination of pressure, speed, and temperature to provide steam jet cleaning -- safely and effectively. The higher water content and constant steam availability are perfect for pre-cleaning and final cleaning of jewelry and watches. •Quality, reliability, and safety technology in every detail •Two-chamber design and aluminum alloy casting extends tank life •Easy operation •Compact design •Flexible Hand Piece •3-Year Warranty - Valid for proper use in accordance with the user's manual. Dimensions/data are approximate. Stats: Volts: 115 -120V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Max Power Consumption: 1650 W Pressure Tank Volume: 4.0 Liters Max. Filling Volume: 3.3 Liters Operating Pressure: 4.5 Bar PSI: 65 PSI Stream Temp. in Tank (oF): 300° Steam Temp. at Nozzle (oF): 275° Height: 16.5" Depth: 12.5" Width 24995 4.5 Basic HP: 11.5" Hand Piece Hose Length: 4' 4" Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.



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