Gold and Platinum Refining System

Gold and Platinum Refining System
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This is an inexpensive, compact, self-contained Aqua Regia system! This unit uses no nitric acid. It uses the revolutionary Quadratic Precipitant and MX3 concentrated dissolving agent. It employs an integrated scrubber to clean and neutralize all fumes before they are exhausted. It is a low-capacity refining system (3 ounces per batch) ideally suited to refining platinum, jewelry, jeweler’s scrap, bench sweeps, nuggets, dust, and all other forms of gold. Easy way to refine your gold to very high purity (99.95%) with no losses. Features: 100% Gold Recovery - The simple-to-use test kit detects as little as four parts of gold per million parts of solution, ensuring that no dissolved gold is lost.99.95+% Purity - A simple test kit ensures that no dissolved impurities end up in your refined pure gold. No Nitric Acid, only muriatic - This system uses MX3, an equally powerful, non-hazardous alternative. The MX3 dissolving agent also reduces fumes by 90-95%. Easy to use - While, the system was designed for people with little or no refining experience, it has become a go-to choice for experienced refiners. No Acid Fumes Exhausted - The integrated, powerful scrubber removes all fumes that are emitted in the system as your metal dissolves. Completely Self-contained - Highly detailed close-up video and written instructions plus unlimited, no-charge, technical support. This Refining System includes all of the equipment and supplies needed to refine: Work Station with Spot Plate, Beakers, covers and related hardware, Digital hotplate with preset temperature settings, Basket and filter pouch, Fume scrubber, Test kits. Supplies included: One pound of Quadratic Precipitant, One pound of MX3 Dissolving Agent, One pound of Treated Activated Charcoal, One bottle of Ammonia Detection Liquid, One bottle of Precious Metal Detection Liquid. Note: muriatic acid, (not included), can be found at any paint store.



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